October's Barnsley Homebrew Website Club

In October I looked at improving the work section of my website and also looked at a landing page I’d created in Tailwind.

September’s meet-up was cancelled but we’re back this month working on our personal sites.

Improvements to /work

This month I focused on building the work section of my website. As a web designer, it’s rather embarrassing to be honest. I’ve been using a custom post type in WordPress so far but they’ve haven’t been linked up so it would only show a title and a brief description. I’m going to start generating content for this over the next few months.

Tailwind and Netlify

When I first started using Tailwind, I created a little landing page project for my personal domain name that I had. I also used Netlify to host it as it offers a free tier to get you started using their platform. I use it to host a simple static site but it can do all kinds of interesting stuff. Worth checking out if you need to host a simple website that you can update and edit with Git.

James Sheriff

written by James Sheriff